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Below is the list of all Assamites mentioned in official White Wolf releases. This list is taken from the excellent Vampire RPG site.

The write-up for each character follows the following setup:

  • Name <generation> (birth:embrace+death) Progeny of ... Sire of ... (date). Brief description and comments. [References] (historical references)

Powerful blood

  • Haqim <3> (:~ -8000) Progeny of probably En'esh/Enoch, or King and the Queen of Nod. Sire of ? , Ur-Shulgi (-2050) and Mancheaka. His Embrace is told in various tales. He is said to have Embraced himself with the blood of the King and the Queen. [CbR-As] tells he was a great warrior in life, but dedicated himself to scholarship as he grew older, and learned to speak and write the language of the dead. He earned the attention of one of Caine's childer, who Embraced him. He lived in the Second City, though he never settled there. He always remained neutral to the quarrels of his brothers and sister and cousins. His only sister is the one referred to as the mother of the Clan of the Blossom (Arikel). His two brothers were known as the Serpent (Set) and the Sage (Malkav). All the other Antediluvians came to him and pleaded to have him create a "second family" in order to judge and control their rebellious childer. Named "Hunter," then "Judge." "Assam" is a mispronunciation of Haqim. Haqim was not his real name. He last visited the Alamut in 68 BCE. He appeared in Antioch one century later. He was last seen in the British Isles in 121 CE, engaged in philosophical conversations with the Ventrue Mithras. [BoN] [CN-As] [CbR-As] (Founder of the Sect of the Assassins)
  • ? <4> Progeny of Haqim. Scribe and astronomer accused of heresy and sentenced to death by stoning, who was saved by the Embrace of Haqim during one of his wanderings outside the Second City. First childe of Haqim. [CbR-As]
  • Ur-Shulgi <4> (:~ -6000) Progeny of Haqim. Sire of Al-Ashrad (~100). Shepherd of the Assamite clan. Recently awakened from 18 centuries of torpor, and shattered the Tremere Blood curse shortly afterward. Second Childe of Haqim. [CotN,p89] [NoP] [CN-As] [CbR-As] (Akkadian king of the Dynasty III of Ur, 2094-2047)
  • Mancheaka <4> (+Second Baali War) Progeny of Haqim. Eldest childe of Haqim at the time of the Second Baali Conflict. Met Final Death in battle. [CbR-As]
  • Sha'hiri <4> (+1493) Sire of Thetmes (-25). Master of the Assamites (Old man of the Mountain) before Jamal. He invited Jamal's challenge after the shame of the Convention of Thorns (1493). [LS3,p62] [Cb-As] [CotN] [CbR-As]
  • Jamal <4> (+1998) Master of the Assamites (Old man of the Mountain). Slain by Ur-Shulgi. Throughout the Holy Wars which were fought over the Holy Land, the name of the hashashiyyin was a name of dread. Of all the hashashiyyin, no name was greater or more terrible than that of Jamal. It was whispered that he has been defeated only once, by the Inconnu Drakulya, and that the previous Master invited his challenge after the shame of the Convention of Thorns (1493), and charged him to guard the rafiq and bring them through the Hijra so that they might avenge themselves for the Curse. Some say that he was of the Unconquered, and some that he walked but two paces behind the Ancestor. All know that he has been challenged but three times and remained the Master until Ur-Shulgi's return. [Cb-As,p64] [CotN,p90] [LS3,p62] [CbR-As] 

Ancient blood

  • Azif <5> Sire of Fariq (4th century BC). [TbN,p58] [TC3] 
  • Tegyrius <5> (:-330) Sire unknown. Last Vizier before the Schism, held the title for three consecutive terms, as well as one in the 14th century. Followed Al-Ashrad into exile to escape Ur-Shulgi. One of the favorites to be appointed the first Assamite Justicar. [CbR-As] 
  • Thetmes <5> (:-25) Progeny of Sha'hiri. Sire of Elijah Ahmed (7th century) and Fatima Al-Faqadi (1102). Caliph of Alamut. He began as a soldier, fighting for the boy-king Ptolemy against his sister Cleopatra and her Roman minions. When Ptolemy fell, it pleased the barbarian Antonius to have his followers fight each other in the arena; this provided sport for the nervous populace, as well as saving the trouble and expense of mass executions. Thetmes fought for his life, and the Romans were impressed. Antonius took him to Rome, where he was sold and became a gladiator. A few months later his retirement was announced and he returned to Alamut where he is now the caliph and oversees the training of the fida'i. He is a stern master and a word of praise from him is hard earned. All rafiq look up to him and would sacrifice themselves without hesitation upon his command. [Cb-As,p64] [CbR-As] 
  • Wasim <5> Sire of Karif al-Numair (717). [TC2,p89] 
  • Al-Ashrad <5> (:~100) Progeny of Ur-Shulgi. Sire of Amaravati. Amr (magician) of the clan Assamite. He is regarded askance by many of the rafiq, for magic inspires fear and mistrust in the heart of a warrior. Yet none can deny that he has done great work for the clan since the falling of the Curse. He works constantly to strengthen the Heartblood of the clan and weaken the hold of the Curse upon it. He is responsible for the sorcery weapons that are used to defeat the munafiqun, and it is whispered that he has fought hand to hand with demons sent by the Tremere to end him. While the rafiq fear Al-Ashrad, they take pride in the fact that he is the greatest magician in the world. For if he were not, would there not be another amr in his place? His left arm and eye were removed by Haqim as punishment. A diamond replaces the missing eye.
    When Ur-Shulgi took control of the clan, Al-Ashrad didn't agree with his interpretation of the Law of Judgment and left with many followers and joined the Camarilla. [Cb-As,p65] [CotN,p87] [CN-As] [CbR-As] 
  • Izhim ur-Baal / Izhim abd'Azrael <5> Warrior caste. First of the antitribu. Seraph of the Black Hand. Member of the True Hand. Missing in NoP. [CotN,p12] [NoP] [CbR-As] 
  • Bakr <5> Sire of Tariq (1250). [KmW,p72] 
  • Pelagon <5> Sire of Hilel al-Masaari (580). [VN] 
  • Khaldun <maybe 5> Vizier before 1171. [LS3,p62] 
  • Rebekah <maybe 5> Elected at Vizier in 1171. [LS3,p62] 
  • Mohara <maybe 5> Caliph during the Dark Ages. [CbR-As] 
  • Tariq the Silent <6 now 13> (:1250) Progeny of Bakr. Sire of Gabriel Chavez (729). He is the 4th of the Red List. His generation was lowered to 13 by the Tremere Antitribu. Once, Tariq was as a brother to Jamal, and among the greatest of the rafiq. But he would not submit to the Curse, and went out into the wilderness. He is sometimes seen among the antitribu, but is not one of them, as much as they would wish it. He follows his own vengeance against the clan's enemies, and although Jamal was pressured by the Camarilla into declaring a Blood Hunt against him, only the most troublesome rafiq are given the task of carrying it out; Tariq will not destroy them, for they are of the clan, but their inevitable defeat serves them as a lesson in humility. Meanwhile, Tariq is free to pursue his own ends, and coincidentally provides a scapegoat for the deeds of other rafiq, should one be required. In 2000, Tariq discovers Djuhah's scheme to manipulate him and kills the Seraph. [CbR-As] He was captured by the Tremere antitribu before that bloodline's destruction. The Sabbat suspects he might have been involved somehow. [KmW,pp69-72] [CotN,p15] [CbR-As] (The angel that descended upon Europe during the crusades, destroying all that crossed his path) 
  • Amaravati <6> Progeny of Al-Ashrad. Sorcerer caste. Loyalist. Last Seat of Tongues at the Council of Scrolls. Acknowledged as Amr by the Assamite Loyalists. [CbR-As] 
  • Fariq <6> (age early 30s:4th century BC) Progeny of Azif. Antitribu; unaffected by the Tremere's curse; works for the Baali. [TbN,p57] [TC2] [TC3] [TC4,p83] 
  • Hilel al-Masaari <6> (:580) Progeny of Pelagon. Warrior. Sultan of Cordoba. Was only seen regularly by other members of the warrior caste. Is believed to be among the first Assamite converts to Islam, and to have been a strong proponent of the Umayyad campaign of conquest. [VN] 
  • Elijah Ahmed <6> (:7th century, +July 1999) Progeny of Thetmes. Caliph of Alamut. Killed by Ur-Shulgi for clinging to his Islamic beliefs. [CN-As] 
  • Karif al-Numair <6> (:717) Progeny of Wasim. One of the first member of the Black Hand. [TC2,p88] [TC3] 
  • Qusay ibn Namdar <6> Sire of Habiba Al-Sikkeen (842). [JbN,p65] 
  • Shabah <6> (740:762+~1400) Love of Belisarius. [CobN,p86] 
  • Lord Bajazet Al-Nasir <6> (976:1011) [GC1,p49] 
  • Fatima Al-Faqadi <6> (1077:1102) Progeny of Thetmes. Warrior caste. Met and fought Lucita during the crusades, they became friends and lovers. Defeated and sent to torpor by Lucita when she had a contract to kill her. Killed Monçada with help of Lucita in CN-As. Former Hand of Vengeance. Dispossed. She is reportedly attempting to contact the Inconnu. [CotN,p80] [CN-As] [web] [CbR-As] [CN-Br] 
  • Lady Veradis <6> (:1439) Antitribu. Black dress. [GC2] 
  • Bernardo del Gado <6> (+ ) Sire of Joe "Boot" Hill (1881). Killed by a Lupine. [CF,p55] 
  • Nar-Sheptha the Guardian <6> (+ ) Sorcerer caste. Babylonian princess, curator of the Great Library for three centuries. Killed herself during one of her experiments with a storm spirit. [CbR-As]
  • Talaq <maybe 6> The Kabbalah Magus, Rambam, the Second Moses, Maimonides, performed a Kabbalistic ritual to return Talaq to his human form and grant him extend life. He was the Prince of Jordan, and his presence was unknown to most Kindred. He was killed by Ur-Shulgi. [WoD1] [CotN,p90] [CbR-As]
  • Walter James (not his real name) <maybe 6> Ordered Anwar to steal a gem from the NY Tremere. [CN-As] [CN-R] 
  • Ismail <maybe 6> Thought to be slain by Ur-Shulgi. [CotN,p90] [GttS] 
  • Montgomery Coven (Monty) <11-6> (1969:1990) Antitribu. 11th gen. in WoD2, 6th gen. in CotN. He gained 5 generations diablerizing Mithras after a Lupine attack. The Methuselah's vitae is overwhelming him. [WoD2] [CotN] 

Ancillae blood 

  • Tamarind <7> Sire of Karim (552). [VN] 
  • Kashan <7> Sire of Djuhah (1056). [CotN,p12] 
  • Ahmal <7> (:4th century BC) Sire of Husayn Al Fatin (1086). [TbN,p60] [TC3] 
  • Gabriel Chavez <7> (704:729+1500) Progeny of Tariq. Assamite spy. [JbN,p62] 
  • Habiba Al-Sikkeen <7> (815:842) Progeny of Qusay ibn Namdar. Sire of Rashid Ibn Musafir (1099). Assassin of crusaders. [JbN,p63] 
  • Anji <7> Sire of Hafsa (1934). [BHDB,p13] 
  • Joe "Boot" Hill <7> (1854:1881) Progeny of Bernardo del Gado. Joe is Antitribu. Loved the idea of being a Gunslinger. Took offense to Del Gado's bragging and shot him in the chest. He was later whipped, and beaten severely. He was allowed just enough time to heal before being embraced. Leader of the Boot Hill Gang. [CF,p55] [TTM] 
  • Anwar <maybe 7> Successfully killed two Tremere of the New York Chantry. [CN-Ga] [CN-As] [CN-Tr] 
  • Karim <8> (:552) Progeny of Tamarind. Vizier. Sultan of Samarkand. Became sultan after he deposed the city's first sultan (an ancient named Nidal). Retains a grudge against wizards stemming back to his mortal brother's death in a djinn-roused sandstorm. Only reluctantly tolerates the sorcerers of his bay't (clan), but does not permit them to use magic in Samarkand. [VN] 
  • Djuhah <8> (:1056+2000) Progeny of Kashan. Antitribu. Seraph of the Black Hand. Member of the True Hand. Killed by Tariq after he discovered the Seraph's scheme to manipulate him. [PGS,p22] [CotN,p11] [CbR-As] 
  • Husayn Al Fatin, Destroyer of Outcasts <8> (1066:1086) Progeny of Ahmal. Ambassador from the Saracens. [TbN,p60] [TC2] [TC3] 
  • Rashid Ibn Musafir <8> (1079:1099) Progeny of Habiba Al-Sikkeen. Assassin of crusaders. [JbN,p65] [FBC,p15] 
  • Ma'aruf <8> Sire of Badr-al-Budur (1867). [MibN] 
  • Hafsa <8> (:1934) Progeny of Anji. Archon of Madame Guil, Toreador Justicar. [BHDB,p13] 
  • Anastasius the Axe <8> Sire of Janni (1970). [CbR-As] 
  • Pink <8> Posed as a Brujah, but was actually an Assamite. He was sent by the Tzimisce to delay Christof Romuald in his quest. [VtM-R] 
  • Fawn (Eleanor James) <maybe 8> (:~1800+1994) Bodyguard of Alexander Vargos. She had a twin sister, named Flavia. She was killed by Red Death. [RD1] 
  • Flavia (Sarah James) <maybe 8> (:~1800) Bodyguard of Alexander Vargos. She had a twin sister, named Fawn. [RD1] 
  • Parmenides <maybe 8> (+1999) In service of Sasha Vycos. Killed Maria Chin. Killed by Francisco Domingo de Polonia. [CN-Tz] [CN-As] [CN-Br] 
  • Hazrad Aqim Alaq <maybe 8> [AoV]  

Young Blood

  • Sharbel <9> Sire of Myrsus ibn Sharbel (1039). [VN] 
  • Abu Fahim Kateb <9> (:1047) Vizier. His talent in working with merchants and traders and the ability to remain serene and good-natured in high-pressure negotiations attracted the attention of his sire. That sire, however, waited until Abu had worn out many pairs of shoes from traveling before embracing him into the vizier bloodline. [VN] 
  • Badr-al-Budur <9> (1842:1867) Progeny of Ma'aruf. [MibN] 
  • Janni <9> (1947:1970) Progeny of Anastasius the Axe. An Israeli that was trained as a soldier with and without weapons, and sent into the PLO in her mortal years as a spy attempting to grow close to the leaders and bring about their demise. She was chosen by the Assamites before her goal was reached, and is now in the ranks of rafiq. It is whispered that this young rafiq may become the first female caliph in time. [Cb-As,p64] [CbR-As] 
  • Reza Fatir <9> Antitribu. 25:17 Pack. Black Hand Member. [MobN] 
  • Shankar <maybe 9> Many young men were attracted to the Thuggee by their fearsome reputation and their antipathy to the overbearing British. Shankar's mother and sister had been dishonored by a British soldier, and when he went to the soldier's commander, they were sent away scornfully, and told to teach their women better morals. Shankar swore revenge for this insult, and sought out the Thuggee in the Mountains. Many soldiers fell to his knives and garrote as he avenged his kinswomen, and he was found worthy of the greater battle, against the kafir Ventrue who had sent the British to India. Shankar learned as a fida'i about those who call themselves Kindred, and the many wrongs they had inflicted upon his new-found clan. Like many of the younger rafiq, he is impatient for revenge, and he is prominent among the Militant faction, preaching open warfare upon the munafiqun. It is said that he has accompanied the Unconquered ones of the Black Hand on some of their war parties, and that the Elders question his allegiance. [Cb-As,p65] 
  • Myrsus ibn Sharbel <10> (:1039) Progeny of Sharbel. Sorcerer. Dervish of Tunisia. Was forced from Alamut by a group of warriors who found his mystic learnings even more disturbing than those of other sorcerers. He was recruited to the new brotherhood and went with them to their stronghold. Unusually tall, with long black hair and pale skin. [VN] 
  • Ayub ibn Mehtar <10> Sire of Enam bint Ayub al-Dimshaq (1148). Vizier. [VN] 

Weak blood 

  • Enam bint Ayub al-Dimshaq <11> (:1148) Progeny of Ayub ibn Mehtar. Vizier. Moved to Cordoba during the dark ages. She was considered no threat by the locals, and as such, was able to cobble together an information base and an understanding of the political situation that was better than many of the area's elders. [VN] 
  • Ruth Cole <11> (age 25) Antitribu. Member of the Dead Gypsies - a nomad pack. [SHS] 
  • Saysen <maybe 11> Tarique's bodyguard. [WoD2] 
  • Makish <maybe 11> (+1994) Outlaw of the Clan Assamite. Killed by Flavia. [RD1] [RD2] 
  • Silar Ibn Isa <11> Devout Muslim and Assamite Vizier of Khwarazm. [WfE] 
  • Yvette Cole <12> Antitribu. Member of the Deathbringers nomad pack. [SHS] 
  • Alu <12> Sire of Basir (1981). [BHDB] 
  • Basir <13> (:1981) Progeny of Alu. [BHDB] 
  • Ali Kar <maybe 13> Anarchist [AC,p43]

Thin blood 

  • Traci <14> [VtM-R] 

Unknown Generation 

  • David Wendt <?> Vizier caste. Last Seat of the Sum at the Council of Scrolls. [CbR-As] 
  • Sarah Schneier <?> (+ ) Sorcerer caste. Last Seat of Copper and Lightning at the Council of Scrolls, initiated the Schism and was destroyed by Ur-Shulgi. [CbR-As] 
  • Abin bin Haji <?> Schismatic. Current Seat of Mirrors at the Council of Scrolls. [CbR-As] 
  • Badr Alkhaiwani <?> Sorcerer caste. Last Seat of Storms at the Council of Scrolls. [CbR-As] 
  • Hedeyat al-Sair <?> Sorcerer caste. Current Seat of the Book at the Council of Scrolls. [CbR-As] 
  • Enrique Salazar <?> (+1991) Warrior caste. Last Seat of Fire and Steel at the Council of Scrolls. Disappeared in 1991 during the Gulf War. [CbR-As] 
  • Kasparas Sikhorsky <?> Vizier caste. Last Seat of Wheel, Wing and Oar at the Council of Scrolls. Believed to be in torpor after a duel with Jayakar Dristi Boparai. [CbR-As] 
  • Jayakar Dristi Boparai <?> (+ ) Sorcerer caste. Last Seat of Stars at the Council of Scrolls. Believed destroyed by Kasparas Sikhorsky. [CbR-As] 
  • Aurora White <?> Warrior caste. Dispossed. Current Seat of Glass and Smoke at the Council of Scrolls. [CbR-As] 
  • Qadir ul-Ghani <?> Sorceror caste. Loyalist. Last Seat of Mist at the Council of Scrolls. [CbR-As] 
  • Azita Hisami <?> Vizier caste. Dispossed. Seat of Gold at the Council of Scrolls. Advisor to the Toreador of Saudi Arabia. [CbR-As] 
  • Arishima Hisato <?> (+ ) Vizier caste. Last Seat of Dust and Bone at the Council of Scrolls. Destroyed by Ur-Shulgi. [CbR-As] 
  • Fikriyya al-Jurr <?> (+ ) Vizier caste. Last Seat of Wind and Stone at the Council of Scrolls. Destroyed by Ur-Shulgi. [CbR-As] 
  • Dmitri Borodin <?> Vizier caste. Last Seat of Flesh at the Council of Scrolls. Last seen in Venice. [CbR-As] 
  • ? <?> Primogen of Athens [CbR-As] 
  • ? <?> Primogen of Paris [CbR-As] 
  • ? <?> Seneschal of Phoenix [CbR-As] 
  • Karim <?> Assamite Vizier who rules over Khwarazm. [WfE] 
  • Khuf Ramalza <?> Rafiq [GttS] 
  • Mustapha abd-Fiil <?> [GttS] 
  • Firdaus Soroushani <?> [NoP] 
  • Zal <?> Son of Soroushani (not childe). [NoP] 
  • Georghe Craciun <?> [TC3] 
  • Thucimia <?> Sire of ?. Warrior caste. [CbR-As] 
  • ? <?> Progeny of Thucimia. Dispossed [CbR-As] 
  • Zev Benzion <?> (+1951) Wolf, son of Zion. Leopard of Zion. Killed in Rio de Janeiro in 1951 in a Blood Hunt, after leading eight other Assamites on a Camarilla purge. [CbR-As] 
  • Amaris bat Ariela <?> Leopard of Zion. Havens in Tel Aviv. [CbR-As] 
  • Kasim Bayar <?> Warrior caste. Schismatic. Sheriff of Milan. [CbR-As] 
  • Evans Rogers <?> Warrior caste. Dispossed. Freelance bodyguard. [CbR-As] 
  • Mohninda Vajpayee Cheram <?> Vizier caste. Loyalist. [CbR-As] 
  • Kurush Ishraqi <?> Sorcerer caste. Loyalist. [CbR-As] 
  • Lydia Dorn <?> Sorcerer caste. Loyalist. [CbR-As] 
  • Michael diCarlo <?> Warrior caste. Antitribu. [CbR-As] 
  • Sukainah <?> Vizier caste. Dispossed. Court advisor of Algiers. [CbR-As] 
  • Lydia Lezczenska <?> Sorcerer caste. Antitribu. Nomadic scout. [CbR-As] 
  • Khaled Johnson <?> Warrior caste. Dispossed. Bounty hunter. [CbR-As] 
  • Gerhardt von Eich <?> Sorcerer caste. Loyalist. [CbR-As] 
  • Kazimiera Zuyus <?> Sorcerer caste. Loyalist. [CbR-As] 
  • Jessica Tate-Duncan <?> Warrior caste. Schismatic. [CbR-As] 
  • Mata Hari (aka Margaretha Geertruida Zelle) <?> (1876) Among her fake identities is a Prince in an American midwest city, a leader of a Sabbat Black Hand pack in Chile, and a brief appearance in the Red List. [CbR-As] 





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