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Here you will find a variety of resources to help you playing and Storytelling Assamite characters.


  • Timeline - a chronological summary of the major events in clan Assamite's history.
  • Alternate History - an alternative history of the clan, by Clayton Oliver.

Powers & Stats

  • Assamite Sorcery - a summary of the clan's blood magic.
  • Ex Inferis - a custom path of Assamite Sorcery, by Adamus.
  • Merits & Flaws - brief summary of the merits & flaws listed in the Revised Assamite clanbook, plus some new custom merits & flaws.


  • Genealogy - a full list of all Assamite characters mentioned in White Wolf products.
  • The Numbers - a numerical breakdown of the clan's bloodlines and allegiances.
  • Muslim Names - want to give your Middle Eastern Assamite a solid Muslim name? Look here.
  • Ur-Shulgi - the true nature of Haqim's herald revealed.





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