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Added to the site by popular  demand: a lexicon explaining Assamite-related words and terms.

Ace A rafiq who has killed 5 or more non-Assamite vampires of equal or greater strength.
Alamut "Eagle's Nest", the Assamite clan's mountain stronghold, founded by Haqim after the clan's exodus from the Second City.
Amr Head of the clan's sorcerer caste.
Assamite Antitribu The Assamite faction that exists among the ranks of the Sabbat.
Baali Curse A curse placed on the Assamite clan's warrior caste by the Baali at Chorazin in the 7th century AD. The curse causes those infected to become addicted to Cainite blood. It has since taken hold of the entire warrior caste and has also spilled over to the other castes.
Black Throne A throne of polished black stone standing in Alamut's central hall; the seat of Assamite leadership.
Breaking, the The end of the Tremere curse on the Assamite clan.
Caliph Head of the clan's warrior caste.
Children of Haqim What the Assamites call themselves.
Council of Scrolls Combined assembly of sorcerers and viziers, composed of 15 seats, each focused on a particular area of expertise.
Da'i "Missionary", a rafiq who is sufficiently versed in a religion or Path of Enlightenment to be considered an ordained priest.
Dispossessed Assamites without any allegiance to one of the clan's main factions.
Du'at Council of the Amr, Caliph and Vizier. They advise the Eldest and set clan policies.
Eagle's Nest See Alamut.
Eldest The leader of the Assamite clan, occupying the Black Throne in Haqim's absence.
Falaqi A small pack of all-Assamite vampires formed for a specific purpose.
Fida'i "Devotee", neonate warrior-caste Assamites who have not yet proven their skills and will to serve Haqim.
Haqim Antediluvian founder of the Assamite clan. Sometimes spelled as 'Haquim'. Westerners tend to mispronounce his name as 'Assam'.
Hulul The Eldest of the Assamite antitribu.
Kalif A magical type of weed often used by Assamite sorcerers in their practice of blood magic.
Keepers of the Blood See Silsila.
Laws of Haqim A set of five laws, originally laid down by Haqim, that guide the Assamite clan in its policies and actions.
Leopards of Zion A group of Jewish Assamites who fight to protect their people.
Loyalists The Assamite faction that remained loyal to ur-Shulgi after the Schism.
Old Man, the Old Man of the Mountain, see Eldest.
Path of Blood A Path of Enlightenment almost exclusive to the Assamite clan, its core dogma centered on spiritual purity and judgment of other Cainites.
Quietus The Assamite signature Discipline, focused on the use of vitae as a tool of judgment.
Rafiq "Comrade", member of the warrior caste.
Shakari The Silsila of the Assamite antitribu.
Schism In 2000 AD a large portion of the Assamite clan, headed by Al-Ashrad, broke off and joined the Camarilla. These Schismatics disagree with ur-Shulgi's hardliner policies.
Schismatics The Assamite faction that joined the Camarilla after the Schism.
Silsila Warrior-caste Assamite priesthood, all of exceptional spiritual achievement, who teach and safeguard Haqim's Laws and the Path of Blood. They're also keepers of Alamut's library and museum and the stronghold's core defenders.
Sisterhood of Erinyes A loose organization of female Assamites
Thousand-Meter Club Informal group of Assamites (usually snipers) who have killed a Cainite from a distance of at least a kilometer.
Tremere Curse The curse that the Tremere clan placed on the Assamites after the Treaty of Tyre in 1496 AD. It prevented Assamites from committing diablerie. Ur-Shulgi broke this curse shortly after his awakening from torpor in 1997 AD.
Unconquered, the What the Assamite antitribu call themselves, indicative of their refusal to submit to the Tremere curse.
Vizier Head of the clan's scholar (vizier) caste. Also a name for members of the vizier caste.
Web of Knives A warrior-caste order that specializes in assassinations.





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