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Assamite sorcery

The Assamites' recorded association with blood magic began in the Second City. The first Assamite-affiliated sorcerers were mortal magicians to whom Haqim promised eternal life in exchange for their loyalty and service against a cult of demon-worshipping vampires (and, some would say, other opponents both martial and political). Their earliest work, adapting their various arts to call upon the power of vampiric vitae, established the "ground rules" of modern blood magical practices, though many later efforts duplicated this work in different ways.

The modern body of knowledge that is Assamite Sorcery draws its content from a wide array of magical traditions, from the ecstatic rites of Kali and Shiva's followers to the subtle precision of feng shui to the elegant symbolic and mathematical transformations of Islamic alchemists and astronomers. In the words of the Arab philosopher al-Kindi, whom many sorcerers and viziers revere as a spiritual forefather, "we should not be ashamed to acknowledge truth from whatever source it comes to us, even if it is brought to us by former generations and foreign peoples. For him who seeks the truth there is nothing of higher value than truth itself."

The sorcerers took this and similar admonitions to heart, and still pay heed to such advice in the modern nights. The twin watchwords of Assamite blood magic, which seem slightly contradictory to many initiates, are discipline and pragmatism.
(Passages taken from Clanbook: Assamite revised, pages 72 and 73)

The following paths of Assamite Sorcery are unique to the Assamite clan:

  • Awakening of the Steel - a path that creates a mystical bond between a blade and its wielder. Published in Clanbook: Assamite revised.
  • The Hunter's Winds - a path that takes stealth to the next level. Published in Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy.
  • Whispers of the Heavens - a path of visions and revelations. Published in Libellus Sanguinus III.

The sorcerers have not only access to their own unique lessons, they also have equivalent teachings for many common blood magic techniques. The following paths of Thaumaturgy have an equivalent in Assamite Sorcery. Names in parentheses are the names that the Assamite sorcerers prefer to use.

  • Alchemy [BM]
  • Elemental mastery [GttC]
  • Hands of Destruction [V:tM]
  • Movement of the Mind [V:tM]
  • Neptune's Might [GttC]
  • Path of the Blood's Curse [BM]
  • Spirit Manipulation [GttC]
  • The Focused Mind (Echo of Nirvana) [BM]
  • The Lure of Flames [V:tM]
  • The Path of Blood [V:tM]
  • The Path of Conjuring [V:tM]
  • The Path of the Father's Vengeance (Path of the Ailing Jackal) [GttS]
  • Weather Control [GttC]

Aside from this vast body of path knowledge, the sorcerer caste also has access to a legion of rituals. Specific Assamite Sorcery rituals can be found in Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy, Clanbook: Assamite revised, Libellus Sanguinus III, and Sins of the Blood. A complete list of common Thaumaturgical rituals that have an equivalent in Assamite Sorcery is printed in Clanbook: Assamite revised.




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