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This is a timeline that mentions all the main events relating to the Assamite clan. I have compiled this list to the best of my ability. If you encounter an error, or believe something to be missing, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

~12000 BC - The First city is built. Haqim is Embraced (most likely by Enosh the Wise).

~10000 BC - The Great Deluge destroys the First City.

~8300 BC - The Second City is built.

~8200 BC - Haqim and his brood of scholars find the Second City and make their home within.

~7500 BC - Haqim is appointed judge of the Second City by his peers and founds the bloodline of judges, which will later become the warrior caste.

~7350 BC - The first Baali war begins.

~7300 BC - Haqim founds the sorcerer bloodline to strenghten the Second City's defenses. Haqim Embraces ur-Shulgi and uses him to unite the Baali.

~7200 BC - The Baali are defeated by the combined forces of Salubri and Assamites.

~6800 BC - The second Baali war begins. The Baali besiege the Second City and are defeated. Ur-Shulgi is brought back into the fold.

~6000 BC - The Assamites leave the crumbling Second City. Haqim founds Alamut, the Eagle's Nest.

413 BC - Haqim leaves Alamut, enraged by his offspring's treacherous machinations.

330 BC - Tegyrius is Embraced.

146 BC - Carthage is destroyed by Roman armies.

68 BC - Haqim's last visit to Alamut.

25 BC - Thetmes is Embraced by Sha'hiri.

1st century AD - Al-Ashrad is Embraced by ur-Shulgi.

121 AD - Last public sighting of Haqim.

609 AD - The Muslim faith is born when God speaks to Mohammed through the angel Gabriel.

632 AD - Mohammed dies.

636 AD - The Assamites defeat the Baali at Chorazin. before their demise, the Baali manage to place a curse of bloodlust upon the Assamite clan.

1072 AD - The Crusades begin.

1099 AD - Jerusalem falls to the Christians.

1102 AD - Fatima al-Faqadi is Embraced by Thetmes. Founding of the Web of Knives.

1205 AD - Pope Innocent III instigates the Fourth Crusade. This will eventually lead to the Inquisition.

1229 AD - Start of the Spanish Inquisition. Elders sacrifice their childer to the flames.

1231 AD - The Inquisition founds the Society of Leopold.

1240 AD - The Anarch Revolt begins. Many Assamites aid the Anarchs in their battles against Cainite elders.

1252 AD - Pope Innocent IV authorizes the use of torture in the Spanish Inquisition, because he has been made aware of the existence of the Kindred, the Garou, and the Mages.

1313 AD - The Inquisition winds down. The Society of Leopold takes up the slack. The Anarchs make peace with the Assamites.

1405 AD - The Lasombra Antediluvian perishes in a combined Anarch/Assamite assault.

1420 AD - The Anarch revolution reaches it's peak.

1450 AD - The Toreador Rafael de Corazon makes his famous speech which leads to the founding of the Camarilla and the establishment of the Masquerade.

1462 AD - Constantinople falls to Muslim Turks.

1493 AD - The Convention of Thorns is signed, signaling the end of the Anarch Revolt. The Sabbat movement is birthed, and the original Code of Milan is composed. The location of fortress Alamut is compromised.

1496 AD - The Treaty of Tyre is signed and a great Curse is placed upon clan Assamite by the Tremere inner circle, rendering the Assamites unable to drink Cainite vitae. A group of Assamites refuses to succumb to the Curse and join the fledgling Sabbat sect, becoming the Assamite antitribu.

1529 AD - Tzimisce strike at the Camarilla. Assamites help with the siege of Vienna. After a year the siege is broken.

1683 AD - Second siege of Vienna.

1745 AD - The word 'vampire' first appears in the oxford dictionary.

1967 AD - The Six Day War between Israel and Arab nations. The Leopards of Zion covertly assassinate Cainites that have influence in Israel.

1997 AD - Ur-Shulgi awakens from Torpor. The Tremere Curse on clan Assamite is broken. Ur-Shulgi deploys his extremist doctrine.

1999 AD - The Week of Nightmares. The Ravnos antediluvian dies. The Red Star appears in the sky.

2000 AD - The Schism takes place; Al-Ashrad leads a large group of Assamites out of the clan, finding refuge in the Camarilla.

2004 AD - Gehenna.




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