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Transcriptions from Veil of Night
by Fabian Alvarez

The following was submitted by Fabián Álvarez, a student of the Arab language, because he noticed the multitude of errors in the Veil of Night book. Below you will find the correct Arab transcriptions of various words and terms:

Arab: Meaning:


Al Amin
بعلي Baali
بنو حقيم Banu Haqim
بيت مجنون Bay't Majnoon
بيت مجرم Bay't Mujrim
بيت مشاكس Bay't Mushakis
بيت متشارد Bay't Mutasharid
ليبون Laibon
قبيلة الخيل Qabilat Al-Khayal
قبيلة الموت Qabilat Al-Mawt
ريئين الفن Ray-een Al-Fen
وأشين Wah'Sheen
ولد ست Walid Set

If you have a submission of your own that you think is useful for Assamite players and Storytellers, please let me know.




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