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The Webmaster

Some of you may wonder who this guy is that has built this Assamite resource site and maintains it, regardless of the cost to his personal life and financial assets. Well, here's your answer.

Yeah, that's me.My name's Barry Adams, online I use the alias Adamus. I discovered Vampire: the Masquerade in 1997 when I stumbled into an online chatroom where people roleplayed using the Vampire settings and rules, and I was instantly hooked. I began collecting V:tM books, and my collection still expands frequently.

I began working on the predecessor of this site in early 1998. It was meant as a resource for the Assamite clan players of the online chatroom I played in. It was first published on Geocities. After a while the site expanded and outgrew its original intent. I developed it further as a general online resource for the Assamite clan.

In late 1998 I bought the domain name and transferred my site onto it. Since then the site has been overhauled several times, most recently in November of 2001. During that overhaul, the biggest revision of the site to date, the entire content was updated and brought in line with the 3rd edition V:tM rules and setting.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of people that have helped me over the years. They've been an endless source of support and friendship:

  • Pasje, for her love for the game.
  • John, for his wisdom and profound knowledge.
  • Asbjorn, for his humor and sharp intellect.
  • Clayton, for doing the impossible.
  • The whole community of the Vampire Court, for providing endless inspiration.

If you want to get in touch with me, I prefer the old-fashioned way:




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