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The Assamites

Power is not revealed by striking hard, or striking often,
but by striking true.

-Honore de Balzac


15/11/2006: Nothing new to report, just saying that is here to stay. There are no new official releases relevant for the Assamite clan, as the old World of Darkness that they were a part of has been discontinued by White Wolf. But there are still many fans out there, and so this site will remain functional indefinitely. Game on. contains a vast library of information about the Assamite clan, a collection of downloadable files and useful links to related sites on the Web.

The site is divided into the following sections:

  • Resources
    Here you will find an abundance of information on the Assamite clan.
  • Downloads
    This section contains downloadable files such as clan glyphs and wallpapers.
  • Links
    A assortment of links to other quality World of Darkness sites.


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